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Innovative methods for reinforced concrete


We develop an innovative, sustainable, efficient and flexible process based on 3D printing for the production of new prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.


ETESIAS S.r.l. is a start-up company founded in 2019. The main goal is to innovate the construction sector, in particular the manufacturing processes of prefabricated reinforced concrete (RC) elements, based on 3D printing technology of concrete. The developed process, already protected by one patent held by the company itself, uses digital manufacturing technologies, in particular Additive Manufacturing.


Is a unique “design-to-product” process which consists in using concrete 3D printing technology for the construction of load-bearing structural members, with variable cross-section and shapes. 3D printing allows to combine the needs for structural efficiency with the needs of architectural design, often not fully satisfied by traditional prefabrication processes. Therefore, ETESIAS combines industrial research and experimental development, and aims at optimizing the mechanical performance of the elements, by using a lower amount of concrete than traditional technologies. This represents an enormous advantage in terms of economic and environmental impacts.

Productivity increase

Reduction in the use of raw materials

Smart and customizable prefabricated structural elements


ETESIAS aims to develop, within the next few years, a production process for the fabrication of new prefabricated reinforced concrete elements for the civil sector. The company has the pioneering ambition of integrating Industry 4.0 strategies in a sector, such as construction, which is still strongly stuck into traditional construction techniques, without any innovation in terms of production and environmental impacts.


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We create intelligent and customizable prefabricated structural elements, exploiting the potential and freedom of Additive Manufacturing.



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