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Our technology

« The innovative attitude of our patented technology lies in the use of 3D printing for the production of load- bearing structural elements, with variable cross-section and shapes, characterized by a series of functional voids that optimize the mechanical performance with a significant reduction of weight and therefore lower environmental impact compared to conventional technologies »

The advantages of Etesias technology

  • 1.
    Increase productivity of about 70% compared to conventional prefabrication systems with a reduction in impacts of over 50%, reducing waste by approximately 30% through a 3D printing process that does not require formwork for the entire process.
  • 2.
    Reduction of about 50% in the use of raw materials, with the same mechanical performance, with associated energy savings around 30% through a management control system for the entire production process.
  • 3.
    Realization of smart, functional and completely customizable prefabricated structural elements by exploiting the potential of Additive Manufacturing technology, without any limit in shapes.
In addition, the monitoring of the entire design-to-product supply chain allows the use of intelligent devices in the production phase for structural monitoring as well as for the information exchange in an infrastructural network.

« Exploiting the potential of ETESIAS technology and 3D printing,
it will be possible to build sustainable infrastructures,
thus opening up new possibilities for the future of construction »





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Our goal is to make our technology available for the operators interested in innovation, especially for the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements

"Topological and functional optimization for the sustainability of costructions"

Etesias, CTO


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